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ABC-NJ Apprenticeship Education Training Fund

Associated Builders and Contractors New Jersey Apprenticeship Education and Training Fund (ABC-NJ AETF) has been approved to offer an apprenticeship trade in RAPIDS code 0980-HY – Truck Driver, Heavy, by the United States Department of Labor (US-DOL).

“This is the 7th apprenticeable trade we’ve added in 2022,” said Samantha DeAlmeida, president of ABC-NJ and executive director of ABC-NJ AETF. “The demand to grow and train the next generation in the construction industry is an immediate necessity, and we will continue to provide opportunities to those looking to start their career path.” The creation of this program stemmed from the recent decision by the New Jersey Department of Labor to enforce Truck Driving as an apprenticeable trade.

ABC-NJ AETF now offers 19 total trades in their apprenticeship program, working closely with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the US-DOL to ensure its members have access to these vital programs and opportunities, especially when it comes to the Public Works Contractor Registration Act.

“From a member standpoint, ABC-NJ has provided the support and guidance necessary to run a successful business, especially when it comes to changing regulations. The addition of new programs to bring on apprentices through on the job training and learning is just one way ABC-NJ continues to add value to its members.”

For more information on the Truck Driver, Heavy or other apprentice opportunities, please contact ABC-NJ AETF at (856) 437-4130 or [email protected].