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Pro-Freedom of Choice: Union or Free Enterprise

In accordance with Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, ABC-NJ supports every American’s right to join a union, but also supports the right to choose not to join a union. ABC-NJ is a trade association that is dedicated to the creation of businesses and jobs in the very best sense of American Free Enterprise.

Associated Builders and Contractors, New Jersey Chapter members have the benefit of receiving accurate, up-to-date information about laws, regulations and legislation that will impact business practices within the state, as well as across the nation. The ABC’s goal is to promote the benefits of the merit shop philosophy and ensure that contracts are awarded based on safety, quality, and value, regardless of labor affiliation.

ABC-NJ helps its members understand the truth about Project Labor Agreements and how they affect businesses across the country and will investigate and audit prevailing wage violations on public projects right here in The Garden State.

Discretionary vs. Mandatory

Associated Builders and Contractors, New Jersey Chapter is not Anti-Union. Many of our member companies regularly work with or alongside Union Firms. We do believe that Union Membership should be a human rights issue of choice vs. mandated for both workers and business owners.

Government-Mandated PLAs

Anti-competitive and costly government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs) end open, fair and competitive bidding on contracts to build taxpayer-funded construction projects.

Government-mandated PLAs discourse merit ship contractors from bidding on taxpayer-funded construction contracts and drive up costs between 12 and 18 percent.

Government-mandated PLAs steer work to unionized contractors and their unionized workforce, which represents just 13.9 percent of the U.S., private construction workforce, according to 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Therefore, PLA requirements deny opportunity to more than eight out of 10 U.S. private construction workers.


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