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Diversity & Inclusion

ABC-NJ is committed to maximizing the opportunities associated with an increasingly diverse workforce and subcontractor/supplier base. We fully embrace diversity and welcome people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences who bring creativity and vitality that strengthens our membership.

Our objective is to help shape an industry that is welcoming to all people that is fair and impartial where individuals and organizations are limited only by their own potential and desire to succeed.  Fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all people is essential to achieving our mission, which in turn puts our members in a position to contribute to the industry’s future success.

ABC’s diversity outreach is led by the association’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee, which was established in 1999 as a key component of ABC’s value proposition to develop people, win work and deliver work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work. You can learn more about the at ABC National Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Program.


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