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The Future of Talent Attraction: What Matters to Tomorrow’s Workforce Matters Today (VIRTUAL)

This is an Exclusive, FREE event for ABC-NJ members. For more information and for virtual link, please contact Gina Dispenza at [email protected]

Join Insperity and other ABC members for a conversation about talent. Because when you have the right talent fit, you experience increased profitability, performance and productivity—the three essentials for any successful business. Attracting that kind of talent requires taking a close look at company culture, recruiting strategies and hiring processes.

Every successful business knows it’s only as good as its employees, and currently, it’s a candidate’s market. This means that top talent has their choice of employers. Therefore, it becomes fundamental for companies to enhance and maintain their employer brand to not only attract top talent, but to send the continuous message to potential candidates—and current employees alike, that the engagement drivers that employees need most are top-of-mind in their work culture.

Presented By: Enid Mitchell, Senior Human Resources Specialist at Insperity

We’ll learn:

The steps to talent attraction
Today’s best prospects are focused on what businesses have to offer them – and it’s more than a paycheck. They want to know your company culture, values and mission. They’re shopping benefits. They’re seeking fulfilling careers with businesses that are in tune with their needs.

The recruiting experience
You want the recruiting experience to be a good one. Even if it doesn’t work out for a job candidate, the recruiting experience can still be a good one. And that person can affect how others view your company.

How the pandemic has impacted the future of work and employee expectations
The startling COVID19 changes has not only changed how work is currently being conducted, but also how it will continue to operate in the future. It didn’t just show us that we can easily work from home, but it will completely change the future of work in a variety of ways.


Jun 22 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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