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Fee: $85/per person

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First aid is the immediate care for victims of injuries or sudden illness, before professional medical treatment is available. It not only involves the victim's physical condition and emotional state, but the entire emergency situation. This training course will focus on how to use a systematic approach to evaluate an emergency situation and respond to basic first aid situations prior to the arrival of the Emergency Medical 

First Aid Topics: 

  • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Accident victims

  • Severe bleeding

  • Fractures

  • Burns

    Emergencies requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can and do occur without warning. It is important that you know the basic emergency techniques for recognizing and treating failures of the respiratory system and heart. This one-hour course will focus on the ABCs of basic life support: maintaining an open airway, restoring breathing, and restoring circulation. Note: this training should not be used as the primary basis for any CPR certification. It is intended to provide the learner with knowledge-based training only. This training should be accompanied with a performance-based component provided by a certified CPR instructor. CPR Topics:

  • Head-tilt chin-lift maneuver

  • Victim Breathing

  • Unconscious victims

  • Jaw thrust

  • Rescue Breathing

    Who Should Attend: All personnel