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Top 10 reasons to join ABC-NJ

1. business development

2. workforce education (including osha and prevailing wage compliance)

3. political advocacy (legislation and regulations affecting us in New Jersey and Nationally)

4. workforce development

5. networking (opportunities with your Peers in New Jersey, and Nationally as well)

6. NATIONAL & CHAPTER AWARDS PROGRAMS (excellence in construction; national safety awards)

7. member BENEFITS (exclusive benefits include  insurance, vehicles, fuel, shipping & more)  

8. employee benefits (exclusive benefits including Insurance, cell phones, cars,  hotels & More)

9. Industry Best Practices (ABC's Academy for Construction Ethics & Compliance; safety Academy)


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Apr 26, 2017
CII’s Annual Conference is the nation’s premiere capital projects conference, bringing together the brightest minds in academia, industry experts and innovative researchers. Discover how CII can help develop your capital projects and build shareholder value for your company. You will hear from a great line-up of some the industry's most dynamic leaders, industry panelists, and keynote speakers. This is an event you can’t afford to miss.





     I have been an ABC member for over 15 years, and I cannot overemphasize what an irreplaceable resource it has been for my company. As an merit shop General Contractor, it can be tough to fight the daily political battle against union giants alone. ABC membership provides access to a larger organization, whose national reach helps support the rights of the merit shop business. In addition, my membership provides constant networking opportunities--with like-minded professionals and companies. ABC members have key values that are important to me, and networking events allow me to seek out contracting partnerships that help my business flourish. Whenever I need a quality subcontractor, I know exactly where to look first. Overall, I highly recommend ABC to anyone considering membership; it may be the most proactive choice you ever make for your company.      


Ed Hutchinson

Hutchinson Mechanical Services

     As contractors standing alone we face steep odds in getting our voice heard--in either Trenton or Washington D.C. The ABC continues to be the strongest free enterprise voice on either stage and easily the best investment we make on the political front.



Bob Brown

American Asphalt Company

     American Asphalt Company is proud to be a member on ABC-NJ. We joined over 25 years ago, and our membership has paid off in many ways. More referrals for work, expert legal advice on labor issues, low cost training opportunities and the ability to have our voice heard by Trenton and Washington DC in face to face meetings and events, are among the reasons we renew our membership yearly. The best part of our experience has been the long term friendships we have made with other ABC businesses and vendors. Dealing with people you like, know and trust, makes running a business a lot more fun. When asked, we are proud to say we are members of ABC!